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Welcome to our class GivePulse page!  To join our group, click JOIN above.  Then you will be able to log hours spent working on your service project.  

To log hours:

  1. Click Add Impact (green button upper right corner of screen)
  2. Enter the date and number of hours you spent working on your project. (You can add notes about what you did if you would like, but it is not required.)
  3. Scroll down and click Add Impact.

Please include planning activities  such as group project meetings, time spent working on project assignments (proposal presentation, project plan, final presentation) and time spent communicating with your organization.  You should also include project work activities (holding an event, volunteering, creating deliverables, fundraising, etc.)

Note:  Each teammate needs to log their hours individually.

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Welcome to our class page! To log time spent on your project, click ADD IMPACT.