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Thank you for your interest in Hope Lodge. It is exciting to hear you would like to partner with us to serve the guests who call HOPE LODGE home while they are in Greenville, NC getting the treatment they need to battle cancer.

We have several options for individuals and groups to volunteer. (16 yrs. and older)

Daily…2 hour shifts

Front Desk Receptionist … answer the phone, take messages, greet the guests & visitors.

Light Housekeeping … dusting, sanitizing, organizing.

Weekdays … Monday – Thursday

If you would like to have an opportunity to interact with the guests. 

8:00am sponsor a breakfast bar …

(something as simple as milk and pastries or fruit and yogurt smoothies

or as elaborate as bacon and eggs or sausage and pancakes)

Toasty Tuesday (you bring/fix French Toast/syrup/milk/juice for our guests) or

Waffle Wednesday (you bring/fix waffles/syrup/milk/juice for our guests)

12:00 noon donate a savory pot of … soup or chili … for our guests to enjoy for lunch.

Sponsor a Pasta Bar (2 or three pastas/sauces) or Chili Bar (a crock pot of your best Chili plus topping choices of cheese, sour cream, corn chips, and diced onions)

4:00pm Bring an afternoon treat … Tea and Biscuits (ie cookies), set out an Ice Cream Sunday Bar, or mix up a big batch of Mock-Tails with delicious juices and fruits.

5:30pm Music or Arts and Crafts.

6:30pm Bring/Cook and serve dinner to our guests.

(salad/veggie tray, main entre, sides, dessert & drinks)

7:00pm Sponsor and facilitate a game of BINGO. ($20 = 20 prizes at Dollar Tree)


Saturdays, 1-3pm, Light housekeeping/sanitizing.

Sundays, 1-3pm, Come use our spacious kitchens to prepare treats for our guest to enjoy throughout the week.  (Or bake them at your home and drop them off Monday mornings)

Wish List … have a donation drive to collect any of the items on our wish list. We use disinfectant wipes(we use 30 lg. containers @ month), paper towels(120 rolls monthly), facial and toilet tissue(300 rolls monthly) every day.

Our home has the same needs as yours … just multiplied by 20.

Cards4HOPE…Home-made cards of encouragement are always a welcome addition to our guests’ day, especially during the upcoming holidays when many of our guests are far from family and friends.


If any of these activities interest, you … just give me a call …

 and we can schedule an opportunity for you to ....

*fill out a volunteer application                     *provide a photo ID

*participate in an interview                            *get a tour of our facility

*receive an orientation                                   *schedule your service time

(approx. 2 hr. commitment)

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Sharing a RAY of HOPE together!

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