East Carolina University



East Carolina® is a nationally recognized public comprehensive research university, but we are well on our way to becoming a world class institution.

At ECU we prepare our students to live, work, and compete in the 21st century global knowledge-based economy, ready to provide next generation solutions. We measure our success by the accomplishments of our students and their impact upon the world.

At ECU students and professors pursue cutting-edge research and discovery that improves lives and solves problems.

ECU is the intellectual, economic, and cultural center of Eastern North Carolina and we assume fundamental responsibility for the health and well-being of the region we serve. But our vision is even broader.

ECU is where the next generation of doctors, dentists, nurses, teachers, business leaders, artists, performers, athletes, and educated and engaged citizens are preparing to change their communities, North Carolina, and the world.

At ECU we choose the path of innovation and excellence that will lead this institution to its destiny of greatness.

At ECU we take our motto- servire, "to serve"-seriously. We change lives, transform our region, and focus upon the future. Innovation and problem solving are at the heart of what we do.

Tomorrow starts here!

4,930 People | 9,617 Impacts | 36,390 Hours